SCULPTURE: Rotary Signal Emitter

Rotary Signal Emitter – Side A “Belleville Springs / Overmodulation High”

Sculpture is an audiovisual performance duo from London – electronic music producer, Dan Hayhurst, and animator, Reuben Sutherland.

The Rotary Signal Emitter is an LP that can be played conventionally or as a self contained film. You just have to place the record on a turntable and direct a bright lamp at the record as it plays to film the record as it spins.

Sutherland ‘DJs’ with home-made zoetropic discs, intricate concentric rings of illustrated frames, projecting fragments of looping images at 33, 45 and 78 rpm – pre-Edisonian imaging technology combined with a digital video camera.

Hayhurst deploys prepared audio material (found tapes, lo-fi electronics, computer programming, and analogue noise) across 1⁄4” tape loops, hardware sampler, cassette walkman and CDJ deck.

Fresh Abroad

We are proud to be part of Fresh Abroad  along with Aybar-Mateos, Carlos Arroyo, Basurama, Nerea Calvillo, Izaskun Chinchilla, Dosis, Elii, Mi5, Mauro Gil-Fournier, Husos, Ramiro Losada, TallerDe2, PKMN, Marcelo Ruiz, Wilk-Salinas, Luis Úrculo and Zuloark. A new exhibition curated by Ariadna Cantis.

From the 3rd-12th October in Intermediae/La Salita, in Matadero-Madrid.