Introducing the workshop “Magaluf Reset: Project, Gaming and Strategic Action”, for architects and graduates. Codirected with R. Paez i Blanch, It will take place in July 22-30th in the island of Palma de Mallorca. A week of ludic and academic high-voltage aimed at establish an open research field for the particular mass tourism of Magaluf. During the warm months the british-balearic corridor sends periodically outposts where the narcissistic and sexual self-affirmation takes place. New touristic rituals bring an exultant aesthetics of looting and provocation. Magaluf is certainly problematic, but in a time in which urbanism has turned into a monetized and propagable technology it explicits the possibility of new plays on the urban gameboard, a bastion for new and unprogrammed frictions within the social and political mainstream.

Gameboards, sci-fi politics, situation rooms and much more!

More info:
Download syllabus here:…/d…/paez_elvira_2015_syllabus_magaluf_r/3…

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