Introducing the workshop “Magaluf Reset: Project, Gaming and Strategic Action”, for architects and graduates. Codirected with R. Paez i Blanch, It will take place in July 22-30th in the island of Palma de Mallorca. A week of ludic and academic high-voltage aimed at establish an open research field for the particular mass tourism of Magaluf. During the warm months the british-balearic corridor sends periodically outposts where the narcissistic and sexual self-affirmation takes place. New touristic rituals bring an exultant aesthetics of looting and provocation. Magaluf is certainly problematic, but in a time in which urbanism has turned into a monetized and propagable technology it explicits the possibility of new plays on the urban gameboard, a bastion for new and unprogrammed frictions within the social and political mainstream.

Gameboards, sci-fi politics, situation rooms and much more!

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Acoustic Ceiling in Tabacalera

acustica descripcion

We worked with a group of students in Alcalá University in developing some interventions in Tabacalera Building, along with the AutoConstruction area.

From october 2012 to january 2011, students worked inside the building, constructing architectonic prototypes like this acoustic ceiling in one of the patios, using available materials in the building, like this cardboard boxes used to pack the tobacco in the factory

acustica imagenes 2 acustica imagenes 3 acustica planos

Workshop directed by: Fernando Quesada, Clara Murado, Idoia Otegui, Nacho Martín

Students: Blanca Alba Junge, Lara Casabona Notivoli, Bernhard Desingn, Clement Menif, Sara Moreno Sánchez, David Peña