Malpartida stork park

Near Malpartida de Cáceres is located one of the largest stork parks of Extremadura, reminiscent of sixties land art. The lives of the storks are always linked to the local architecture, since they like to nest over house roofs and castle towers. The story of this photograph is closely related to this fact. A stork community had established on the ruins of an old building. Some years ago this farmhouse was restored as a new hotel and spa. By the time it was finished, the starks had already emigrated to the north of Africa. It was decided then that this forest of poles near the location of the new hotel had to be built, as a substitute home for them. The warm weather brought back the storks, who now have a new place to nest.

For the Extremadura Contemporary Architecture Guide, edited and designed by Murado&Elvira with Enrique Krahe, instead of a literal work of architecture, a
photograph of this very architectural natural installation was chosen for the cover.

Photographs Enrique Krahe. Book cover by Murado&Elvira+Enrique Krahe