SCULPTURE: Rotary Signal Emitter

Rotary Signal Emitter – Side A “Belleville Springs / Overmodulation High”

Sculpture is an audiovisual performance duo from London – electronic music producer, Dan Hayhurst, and animator, Reuben Sutherland.

The Rotary Signal Emitter is an LP that can be played conventionally or as a self contained film. You just have to place the record on a turntable and direct a bright lamp at the record as it plays to film the record as it spins.

Sutherland ‘DJs’ with home-made zoetropic discs, intricate concentric rings of illustrated frames, projecting fragments of looping images at 33, 45 and 78 rpm – pre-Edisonian imaging technology combined with a digital video camera.

Hayhurst deploys prepared audio material (found tapes, lo-fi electronics, computer programming, and analogue noise) across 1⁄4” tape loops, hardware sampler, cassette walkman and CDJ deck.

Fresh Abroad

We are proud to be part of Fresh Abroad  along with Aybar-Mateos, Carlos Arroyo, Basurama, Nerea Calvillo, Izaskun Chinchilla, Dosis, Elii, Mi5, Mauro Gil-Fournier, Husos, Ramiro Losada, TallerDe2, PKMN, Marcelo Ruiz, Wilk-Salinas, Luis Úrculo and Zuloark. A new exhibition curated by Ariadna Cantis.

From the 3rd-12th October in Intermediae/La Salita, in Matadero-Madrid.

Acoustic Ceiling in Tabacalera

acustica descripcion

We worked with a group of students in Alcalá University in developing some interventions in Tabacalera Building, along with the AutoConstruction area.

From october 2012 to january 2011, students worked inside the building, constructing architectonic prototypes like this acoustic ceiling in one of the patios, using available materials in the building, like this cardboard boxes used to pack the tobacco in the factory

acustica imagenes 2 acustica imagenes 3 acustica planos

Workshop directed by: Fernando Quesada, Clara Murado, Idoia Otegui, Nacho Martín

Students: Blanca Alba Junge, Lara Casabona Notivoli, Bernhard Desingn, Clement Menif, Sara Moreno Sánchez, David Peña